about The SOS HAUNT

Escape to what has been named the most magical destination on the planet, but most people call Sanctuary of Spooks. A place where your mind, body, and soul will travel to a place of wonder and fear.

SOS Haunt was created in 2010 and produced by Steve and Denice Koci.  All the animatronics were built by Steve while Denice is busy sewing costumes and designing and dressing the scenes.  Steve, who goes by Halstaff on the forums and YouTube, also designs and builds most of the electronics needed to run the show.

All the wonderful pictures and video were provided by their son Bryan Koci, the owner of Red Tie Photography.  His artistry allows us to share the haunt with those not able to see it in person and lets us go back and enjoy Halloween all year long!

The 2013 haunt utilized 4 projectors, 13 pneumatic props, 2 video monitor props, 12 talking figures and a whole host of servos and motors for a combined total of over 40 animated props.

Plans are already underway to make the  2014 season the best one yet!